You should want to find the best Shopify affiliate app for your store and launch an affiliate marketing program immediately if you haven’t already. Why? Because it’s a great way to acquire new customers and sales for a fixed cost.

From established stores doing seven-figures plus annually to e-commerce entrepreneurs just starting a Shopify store, an affiliate program is a must-have.

Paid traffic from sources like Facebook ads and Google pay-per-click, and organic traffic from Google and other search engines are great, but it’s important to diversify your traffic sources and sales channels as much as possible for maximum growth.

Affiliates, from influencers, customers, and professional online marketers, can all be valuable referral partners. While the thought of creating an affiliate program for your e-commerce business might sound overwhelming, there are several plug-and-play options available.

Marketing and advertising are the lifelines of every e-commerce business. Paid traffic is great, but you are paying for every click. Every visitor to your store. There is no guarantee they will make a purchase. It doesn’t matter if they buy something or leave — you are charged for each click. This can get quite expensive and drive your customer acquisition cost through the roof.

SEO can be very expensive as well, and results can take a while to deliver a return. There are Shopify SEO apps that you can install and on-page optimization strategies you can focus on, but again, it’s a marketing channel that can consume a large chunk of your budget.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, allows you to have precise control over your margins. You set the referral payout per sale, either a percentage of the total sale or a set commission per product. Your affiliates drive traffic and you only compensate them for successful conversions.

Affiliate commissions are typically cash payments, and affiliate apps differ from customer loyalty apps, which tend to offer points and store credit to customers that driver referrals. Consider adding both programs to your Shopify store — the more sales you can generate, the better.

Even if you pay out high commissions to attract aggressive affiliates, you win in the long run, because you are able to add to your customer base without the financial risk. These are customers that you can continue to market to in the future, increasing their lifetime value.

Best Shopify Affiliate App: Why Your Store Needs an Affiliate Program

Installing a Shopify affiliate program app allows you to easily manage the entire program. From affiliate onboarding and management to commission tracking and payouts — it can all be done within your store’s dashboard.

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After installing the best Shopify affiliate app you can invite affiliate partners to apply to your program, get their affiliate tracking links, track their sales and commissions, and access marketing materials. Even if you are dropshipping, you need to consider rolling out an affiliate program to help grow sales.

With so many Shopify affiliate management apps available, how do you know which one is right for your store? This blog post highlights several available options that are regarded as being the best Shopify affiliate apps currently available

1. Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing

Secomapp Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

Secomapp allows you to launch an affiliate program without the extra expense in the beginning. This is one of the only options with a truly free option that allows unlimited affiliates and up to 200 orders a month.

Once you bypass that threshold paying for the app shouldn’t be a problem. The free plan is one of the reasons many store owners consider this the best Shopify affiliate app for those that want to take advantage of affiliate marketing but might be working with a limited marketing and advertising budget in the beginning.

Secomapp has several commission structures available, so you can create one that works well for your brand. You can have flat percentage rates, product-specific payouts, and even multi-tier commissions. This allows you to reward those affiliates who are generating the most sales.

Setting tiers makes them work harder, generating more sales for your Shopify store in an effort to be bumped up to the next commission level. You also have the ability to assign coupon codes to affiliates and track commissions this way in addition to traditional affiliate tracking links.

Secomapp also has a marketplace to connect affiliates and merchants, and with more than 20,000 merchants tapping into their network of more than 300,000 affiliates signed up it’s a great way to recruit affiliates to promote your e-commerce store. You can check that out here.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing:


  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Approve/deny 200 referral orders/month
  • Registration form
  • Product commission
  • Email templates
  • Analytics
  • Marketplace

$19.99/month (Grow Affiliate)

  • Approve/deny 300 referral orders/month
  • Unlimited program/offers
  • Convert customers to affiliate
  • Store credit
  • In-app chat with affiliate

$49.99/month (Professional)

  • Approve/deny 600 referral orders/month
  • Auto-generate coupon
  • Auto-discount for customers
  • Multi-level
  • PayPal integration
  • Lifetime commission

$99.99/month (Enterprise)

  • Approve/deny unlimited referral orders/month
  • Custom Development
  • Multi-stores

2. ShoutOut ‑ Affiliate Marketing

ShoutOut ‑ Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

ShoutOut is a great affiliate program app for Shopify that allows you to manage an unlimited number of affiliate partners. It’s a flat monthly fee with no additional charges, fees, or hidden costs.

You won’t find many “free” affiliate programs that have all of the features you need to run a successful program. This is a very affordable option that allows you to scale your affiliate program without incurring additional charges as you grow.

Many of the Shopify affiliate apps out there will limit the number of affiliate transactions you can process monthly before you have to bump up to the next program. This isn’t the case with ShoutOut — you can process an unlimited number of transactions every month and you won’t pay more than $59/month.

The entire program is brandable so you can create onboarding pages and a dashboard that maintains your brand’s colors, look and feel.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for ShoutOut ‑ Affiliate Marketing:


3. GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing

GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

GrowthHero for Shopify allows you to drive new sales for your store by easily implementing an affiliate program. This software quickly connects to your store and you can create sign up page to allow interested affiliates to apply to your program and a custom login page so they can track their performance and manage their account.

There are many features this software has to make the affiliate management process easier and less time-consuming. You can quickly approve new affiliates, see pending applications, payout all affiliate commissions via PayPal, and send communication updates to your entire affiliate team.

Keeping your affiliates updated on new items and new launches is a great way to keep them actively promoting your e-commerce store. When looking for the best Shopify affiliate app you should look for an easy to use solution that offers as much data as possible. GrowthHero is very data-heavy and has multiple split-test options.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing:

$39/month (Starter)

  • All Features
  • No Commission Fees
  • Unlimited Partners
  • Advanced Analytics & Funnels
  • Email Support
  • 2 User Seats
  • 500 Affiliate Orders /mo

$89/month (Pro)

  • All Features
  • No Commission Fees
  • Unlimited Partners
  • Advanced Analytics & Funnels
  • Priority Support
  • 4 User Seats
  • 1500 Affiliate Orders /m

$199/month (Premium)

  • All Features
  • No Commission Fees
  • Unlimited Partners
  • Advanced Analytics & Funnels
  • Custom Development
  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Unlimited Orders

4. Affiliate & Referral Marketing

Affiliate & Referral Marketing Shopify app review

Affiliate & Referral Marketing by BOLD is another great option. BOLD is no stranger to great apps — the make one of the best Shopify loyalty apps. In addition to standard “cash” payouts via check or PayPal, store owners can allow affiliates to be paid in-store credit. You can allow your affiliates to select which option they would like.

This affiliate program app for Shopify gives you full control over the commission for each product, which can be a percentage of the sale or a product-specific payout per item. This allows you to ensure you maintain certain margins on all products.

All of the features you would expect in an affiliate program are included. From full control over the cookie-length to how long sales are held before a payout is released to your affiliates — you have complete control over your program.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Affiliate & Referral Marketing:


+ Referral Commissions (More info on pricing page)

  • Offer cash or store credit as a reward
  • Automatically track and validate referred sales
  • Prevent self-referrals
  • Get featured on Marketplace

5. Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

Refersion Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

Refersion is a front-runner for the best Shopify affiliate app due to its features. It’s great for e-commerce brands that want to roll out an affiliate program that will accommodate the needs of traditional online marketing super affiliates to influencers and brand ambassadors.

It’s simple to integrate the affiliate platform with your Shopify store and customize it to match the look and feel of your brand. You can set commissions as percentages or flat payouts per item. This ensures you have full control over your margins.

The dashboard allows you to fully manage all of your affiliates and complete your payouts to your affiliates seamlessly. All of the important pages are already created — from affiliate signup pages to login pages — it’s a truly plug-and-play option.

These forms are fully customizable and you can add additional forms to collect the information specific to your affiliate program.

Affiliates can manage their entire account from the affiliate-side dashboard where they can access their affiliate links and coupon codes. Refersion includes tracking via coupon codes which is great for brands running influencer marketing campaigns. Affiliates can also track their performance within their dashboard as well.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Refersion: Affiliate Marketing:


  • Tracks up to 130 affiliate orders/month
  • Unlimited clicks, affiliates, & offers
  • Support from a US-based team
  • Link, discount code, & SKU tracking

6. LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

LeadDyno affiliate is one of the original apps for Shopify. It features a long list of tools designed to help you build and scale your affiliate program and attract new marketers and promoters.

It also has a nice mobile app, which allows you to manage and run your affiliate program on the run, making it one of the best Shopify affiliate apps available. The starter plan is also very affordable, and the little extra features make it worth looking into.

The one-click social sharing tool helps you put your message in front of a larger audience. Recruiting and managing your affiliates is also simple thanks to the admin dashboard and tools.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing:

$29/month (Starter)

  • Up To 2,000 Unique Visitors Per Month
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Email and Live Chat Support

$49/month (Biz Builder)

  • Up To 3,000 Unique Visitors Per Month
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Email and Live Chat Support

$79/month (Accelerator)

  • Up To 7,500 Unique Visitors Per Month
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Email, 1:1 Phone and Live Chat Support

$149/month (Rainmaker)

Additional plans available for higher traffic levels

  • Up To 25,000 Unique Visitors Per Month
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Email, 1:1 Phone and Live Chat Support

7. Affilo: Affiliate Marketing

Affilo Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

Affilo is an affiliate management app for Shopify that includes everything you need to succeed. The $24/month plan offers everything you need to recruit, manage, track, and reward your affiliate marketing partners. It’s one of the cheapest affiliate apps for Shopify that offers and all-in-one solution.

You have full control over how you structure your Shopify store’s affiliate program. You can select from several commission options — both flat rate and product-level. This is also a great app for stores that sell recurring subscriptions, as you can easily assign recurring payouts to your affiliates.

Commissions are editable on an affiliate level, allowing you to reward top performers. Also, you can lower or change your payouts based on market conditions, increased COGs, etc.

Tracking and monitoring are easy via your Shopify dashboard and you can upload creatives for your affiliates to access as well, creating a library of assets they can use to promote your store.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Affilo: Affiliate Marketing:

$24/month (Standard)

  • Unlimited affiliates & orders
  • Unlimited clicks, traffic, offers & creatives
  • All possible commission rules
  • Easy MLM
  • Affiliate Discount Codes

$49/month (Pro)

  • Everything in Standard plan
  • Affiliate QR codes (very useful for offline promotions)
  • Automatic Discount Codes
  • Mass messaging
  • Additional Perks

8. Omnistar Affiliate Software

Omnistar Affiliate Software Shopify app review

Omnistar is affiliate software for Shopify that makes setting up a program simple. Often referred to as OSI Affiliate Software, this is considered to be the best Shopify affiliate app because it’s priced right and it has a simple to use platform with all of the tools a store needs to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Your affiliates can share a unique affiliate link that will track their sales, and alternatively, you can assign them a coupon code to track affiliate sales. This is helpful for influencers, as not all platforms, like Instagram for example, allow the sharing of links.

Omnistar also offers a 15-day free trial, so you can get a fully functional affiliate program set up and running to test out all of the features before you pay a dime. The affiliate links Omnistar generates utilize your own domain for clean-looking links.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Omnistar Affiliate Software:


9. Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing Shopify app review

Affiliatly Shopify affiliate marketing software is a standard option that its users love. It has positive reviews and feedback on the Shopify app store. The pricing is straight forward — it’s based on how many affiliates you have in your program.

To give you an idea, the $59/month plan allows up to 1,000 affiliates. If you have that many active affiliates promoting your store and generating sales, the monthly fee for a detailed affiliate app is very affordable.

Some apps will throw together a lot of features to appear to be more appealing, but Affiliatly won’t slow your store down with useless features and bulky coding.

This Shopify affiliate program app gives your affiliates several ways to refer customers to your store: Affiliate link, email address, QR code, and coupon code, etc. The admin dashboard makes managing and monitoring your affiliates simple.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing:

$16/month (Starter)

  • up to 50 active affiliates
  • track unlimited referred visitors and orders
  • all features of the app are enabled

$24/month (Advanced)

  • up to active 200 affiliates
  • track unlimited referred visitors and orders
  • all features of the app are enabled

$59/month (Pro 1000)

  • up to active 1000 affiliates
  • track unlimited referred visitors and orders
  • all features of the app are enabled

$129/month (Pro Unlimited)

  • unlimited affiliates
  • track unlimited referred visitors and orders
  • all features of the app are enabled

10. Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro

Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro Shopify app review

Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro is a popular choice, and looking at the number of reviews and its rating, there is no wonder it’s said to be the best Shopify affiliate app because of its free plan that includes unlimited affiliates.

This is the most affordable option, and even the top paid plan is only $24/month and has more features than most other affiliate apps for Shopify. There are more than thirty different features that you can customize within the app, helping you to create a full affiliate program that matches your store’s theme and colors.

Not only can you attract affiliates, but this app also allows you to recruit your customers and turn them into referral partners. You can easily reward them with a commission for sharing your products on social media.

It’s fully customizable in terms of your payouts, and you can set this on an affiliate level. This allows you to reward your top performers with better payouts. This can provide them with even more incentive to push more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Tracking is done through the use of unique affiliate links as well as coupon codes. You can use random auto-generated coupon codes or create branded ones specific for each affiliate. You simply create them in the dashboard and assign them to the specific affiliate partner.

You can set the payout to be processed via PayPal, and you can do a one-time bulk payout payment, saving time over manually sending out commission payments one-by-one.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro:


  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Revenue
  • Branded Affiliate portal
  • Welcome Emails
  • Analytics
  • Post checkout popup
  • Mobile Apps

$24/month (Premium Plan)

  • Everything in Free plan
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Affiliate portal on your own Domain
  • Bulk Email
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 30+ Customization options

11. Enlistly

Enlistly Shopify app review

Enlistly is an easy to use Shopify affiliate app that has a free plan that allows unlimited orders, but only three active affiliates. This offers brand new Shopify stores the ability to get a fully functional affiliate program running without spending any money.

This is one of the most simplistic affiliate program apps for Shopify, which is another reason it’s a great choice for those just getting started with e-commerce. It’s very user-friendly.

There is a back-end management dashboard to view all of your affiliate data, and a front-end system for your affiliates to login and get their links and promotional materials, as well as monitor their performance and commission earned.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Enlistly:

Free (Crew)

  • Unlimited orders
  • 3 active affiliates
  • Get up and running without paying a penny

$9/month (Squad)

  • Unlimited orders
  • 25 active affiliates
  • 10 assigned discount codes
  • 256 MB of marketing material
  • 60 days of referral hits

$39/month (Company)

  • Unlimited orders
  • 250 active affiliates
  • 250 assigned discount codes
  • 1 GB of marketing material
  • 180 days of referral hits

$99/month (Battalion)

  • Unlimited orders
  • 2,500 active affiliates
  • 2,500 assigned discount codes
  • 2.5 GB of marketing material
  • 365 days of referral hits

12. Bamboo · Referral Program

Bamboo Referral Program Shopify app review

Bamboo is a referral app for Shopify that is built specifically from stores that want to turn their customers into affiliates and reward them for sharing and spreading the word.

By leveraging your current customers and rewarding them for their performance, you can have your store and products placed directly in front of a brand new audience and not have to worry about paying for impressions or clicks — with an affiliate program, you are only paying for sales generated.

Also, granting store credit for referrals is a good way to ensure those customers buy from you again — they have to if they want to redeem their affiliate earnings.

The free plan allows you to run up to 30 sales per month through the program, which is great for new Shopify stores just starting out.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Bamboo · Referral Program:

Free (Lite)

  • Referral Program Page
  • Coupon Reward
  • Points Reward
  • Up to 30 monthly orders

$29/month (Pro)

  • Minimum Purchase Amount
  • Integrate with Email
  • Integrate with Popups
  • Up to 400 monthly orders

13. Referral Candy

Referral Candy allows you to easily implement a referral program on your Shopify store. This is definitely in the running for the best Shopify affiliate app, especially if you are a larger store with a lot of customers. There are many great features included beyond what most other affiliate apps offer.

This app integrates email marketing — allowing you to create customized popup offers and email templates. It integrates with other marketing tools, so it’s great for more advanced level store owners.

There are multiple ways to reward your affiliates and referral partners. From coupon codes to free product, you have full control over how your program is set up. There are so many features available all for one low price of $49/month. There are no overage charges or surprises and they also offer a free 30-day trial. This is a very hard offer to pass up.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Referral Candy:


14. AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO Shopify app review

AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO by AAAecommerce provides Shopify store owners with a simple way to operate a full-fledged affiliate program without any coding or technical skills. Simply install the app and follow the set up to customize your pages and input fields.

It features SEO-friendly affiliate links, and your affiliates can manage their account easily, while also accessing their promotional materials. You can upload banners, ad units, and other content assets that the app will automatically generate embed code, specific to each affiliate.

Affiliates can also share with their social media platforms directly from their account management dashboard. This Shopify affiliate program app also allows the creation of coupons, which can track sales in addition to traditional affiliate links.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO:

$9/month (Advanced)

$0.50 per Affiliate Order

  • Up to 5 Affiliate Orders/month
  • After 5 orders,app charge an additional $0.50/order
  • Unlimited Affiliates Signup
  • Manage Affiliates dashboard

$29/month (Professional)

$0.50 per Affiliate Order

  • All Above +
  • Tier system (3 levels)
  • Set individual commission for the Affiliates
  • Pay Affiliates by PayPal
  • Thank you Page Affiliate Popup

15. Referral Bee

Referral Bee Shopify app review

Referral Bee makes customer referrals simple. When you install this app it will automatically send each customer a discount code that they can share with their friends and social media contacts.

Then, when the code is used for a purchase on your store, the customer that shared the code receives a code via email that gives them a nice healthy discount or special perk. You have full control over what this is.

As your store volume grows, this can snowball repeat purchases. Over time there is no ceiling on how many new sales you can generate this way. There is no risk — you aren’t putting out advertising dollars hoping to attract customers.

You are offering a discount on sales — you still have full control over your margins and when this is done correctly it can help you scale customer acquisition at a rapid rate and at a very predictable cost.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Referral Bee:

$9.99/month (Basic)

  • If your store processes up to 200 orders per month (doubled during the holiday season)

$19.99/month (Standard)

  • If your store processes up to 500 orders per month (doubled during the holiday season)

$34.99/month (Advanced)

  • If your store processes up to 1,000 orders per month (doubled during the holiday season)

$49.99/month (Unlimited)

  • For stores with an unlimited number of orders

So, What is the Best Shopify Affiliate App?

An affiliate marketing program is a great way to help grow your e-commerce business. There are plenty of capable affiliate apps for Shopify that can help you launch a program quickly and effortlessly.

You will notice that most of the best Shopify affiliates apps aren’t free. They aren’t expensive either, and the cost to have a fully functional affiliate program is minimal when you consider how much extra sales and revenue it can help your store generate.

Leverage the power of affiliates and create an additional stream of website traffic that converts into sales and revue — for a controllable and managed fixed and predictable cost.

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