You want to know what the best Shopify reviews apps are, right? Of course you do. That’s why you are reading this article. When you have an e-commerce business it’s important to do everything you can to help increase your conversion rates.

Driving targeted traffic to your store isn’t cheap. One of the best ways to lower your acquisition costs for new customers is to build immediate trust. When a new customer feels good about your brand they are more inclined to purchase from your Shopify store.

There are a few things you can do to help instill consumer trust. You can include detailed contact information on your website, offer 24/7 live-chat, offer a customer loyalty program, display trust badges, and install one of the best Shopify reviews apps.

Best Shopify Reviews Apps: Why You Need One

Product reviews are important because they tell potential customers what previous buyers thought about a particular product and they also give them a sense of how popular an item is.

Consumers trust reviews left by complete strangers the same way they trust a recommendation from a friend or family member. One of the easiest ways to ensure you are not only asking for product reviews but also giving your customers a simple way to submit them is by using a Shopify reviews app.

Not all Shopify product review apps are the same. Some offer very basic features, while some take it a step further and automate the entire process for you. The more positive product reviews you can accumulate, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Product reviews help to boost your conversion rates because they offer social proof. They see that people have purchased a particular product and they can read honest feedback about the product.

If you are running a Shopify dropshipping business customer satisfaction plays a key role in your store’s success, so in addition to a Shopify dropshipping app you will want to make sure you have a system in place to collect and display reviews to help build consumer trust.

This type of unbiased feedback can push a consumer that is currently on the fence towards a purchase. Customer reviews are designed to inform, not sell. They are third-party opinions that are honest and raw.

Why Fake Reviews Will Kill Your Brand

Over the years, collecting fake reviews has been the strategy for some e-commerce brands. This is not the right approach. Not only is the FTC cracking down on this, but it’s a bad look and consumers can spot fake reviews from a mile away.

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There are several ways brands will accumulate fake product reviews. Some will pay “review farms” to write them, while others will import reviews from other platforms. There are so many reasons why both of these strategies are wrong.

If you set up your store correctly and use one of the best Shopify reviews apps you can streamline the process and create an automated flow that handles the entire process, allowing you to focus on running your e-commerce business.

So, what are the best Shopify reviews apps? Here is a list of Shopify product review apps to consider.

1. Product Reviews UGC is a very feature-rich Shopify product reviews app, and is something to consider if you are a more advanced store and want to roll out a very thorough reviews campaign. offers in-email review capabilities, which do a great job of securing reviews because the extra step is eliminated. The easier you make it for your customers, the more prone they will be to honor your request — especially if you give them an incentive. A discount code or an offer not found elsewhere can really help increase your review capture rate.

You can also customize the entire review process, from the initial capture landing page to the thank you page. You don’t want a generic feeling review process — the more on-brand you can make it, the better your customers will respond to the initial “ask” for the review. is very user-friendly on mobile devices, which also helps you accumulate more Shopify product reviews over time. With so many consumers having a mobile-first approach to purchasing online, it’s important that they can easily leave a review from their mobile devices.

The free plan will accommodate up to 50 orders per month, and there are multiple paid options available. The more advanced monthly plans give you additional features, like SMS credits, upsell capabilities, and video reviews.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Product Reviews UGC:

Free (Lite)

  • 50 orders/month
  • Reviews & Rating widgets
  • Social Sharing
  • Rich Snippets
  • Commenting
  • Smart Reminders
  • 10+ Display Widgets

$19/month (Basic)

  • 7-days free trial
  • 200 orders/mth
  • Free $19 SMS Credits
  • Photo Reviews
  • Checkout Reviews
  • Customer attributes (fit, age, waist)
  • Inline-SEO
  • More!

$39/month (Premium)

  • 7-days free trial
  • 500 orders/mth
  • Free $39 SMS Credits
  • Smart Product Upsell
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Apps + Messenger Integration
  • Smart Banners
  • More!

$99/month (Business)

  • 7-days free trial
  • 1,500 orders/mth
  • Free $99 SMS Credits
  • Video Reviews
  • Q&A
  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis
  • Google Shopping Reviews (Enterprise)

2. Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews

Yotpo Photo & Product Reviews Shopify app review

Yotpo is one of the most-used Shopify reviews apps, and it is feature-packed — even its free plan. With Yotpo you can collect reviews two ways: via email outreach and by allowing reviews left on-site.

The review widget that integrates with your products makes it so easy for someone to review your products. You will see your review-capture success rate greatly increase if you use both — allow customers to leave them on-site and also hit them with an email asking for their feedback.

Installation is simple — one-click is all it takes. Also, there is a review import feature that allows you to pull over your previous reviews, even if they were collected using a different Shopify product review app.

Managing your reviews is also simple, and one of the nice features is the ability to reply to negative reviews. You can either respond publicly or privately. Not all reviews are going to be 5-star and positive experiences. You cannot please everyone, so having a simple way to respond to these kind of reviews is helpful to manage negative feedback.

The free plan is effective, but if you want to take your SEO up a notch, the paid plan integrates rich snippets, which displays your review rating and quantity in the Google search results and also allows your customers to upload images in their reviews. This type of UGC (user-generated content) is highly effective.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews:


  • Up to 50 monthly orders
  • Review Request Emails
  • On-site Widgets
  • Reviews Moderation
  • Social Push & SEO Page

$19/month (Growth)

  • All Free features plus
  • Collect both product and site reviews in one email
  • Photo Reviews
  • Reviews Carousel
  • Rich Snippets
  • Live support via chat

3. Product Reviews Product Reviews Shopify app review is one of the best Shopify reviews apps available and you can see that clearly by its 5.0 average rating. Shopify store owners love for several reasons.

This product reviews app can help you automate the entire process, and its email outreach is perfected. It sends out an email to all of your past customers and allows them to leave the review directly in the email. This helps you convert at a much higher rate because the customer doesn’t have to be re-directed to your website in order to complete the review.

Your reviews can also be enhanced with images and video, both of which can help you collect. Again, UGC is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your product reviews.

Not every past customer is going to bite the first time and leave a review. gives you the ability to send out follow up emails, which include a discount code or special offer — a nice way to help convert more of your second attempts.

Your reviews are also displayed in Google and you can also create a dedicated “Reviews” page on your store. The free plan is great, and the paid option is even more featured-packed for a very low monthly flat fee. Upgrading to the “Awesome” plan is highly recommended.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Product Reviews:


  • Unlimited product review requests
  • Setup help
  • Review carousel themes
  • In-email review form
  • Curate reviews
  • SEO snippets
  • Manual social push

$15/month (Awesome)

  • Photo & videos
  • Site reviews
  • All Reviews Page
  • Q&A
  • Custom forms
  • Coupons
  • Product groups
  • Cross shop syndication
  • Google shopping
  • No branding

4. Product Reviews

Product Reviews Shopify app review

Product Reviews is an app made by Shopify and it allows any store to easily collect and display product reviews. We already discussed why reviews are so important and how they can help you convert more sales. This app, while free, has many benefits and is used by many large stores as well as new stores.

It’s very simple to install and it covers all of the basic requirements to collect reviews and display them alongside your products. Shopify’s Product Reviews also automatically displays your review data alongside your products in Google’s search results. This helps improve your e-commerce SEO and the click-through rate of your organic listings.

Don’t have extensive design and coding skills? That isn’t a problem because the app was designed to match your store’s theme. It’s fully customizable and has several options that you can adjust the look and feel of your product reviews. The management aspect is also very user friendly, allowing you to easily publish, filter, and hide reviews. All stores need product reviews, and with this reviews app being 100 percent free, this is a great option to consider.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Product Reviews:


5. Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews

KudoBuzz’s Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews app has been a consistent fixture in the Shopify app store for a long time. It’s a product reviews app that includes multiple functions. It’s definitely one of the more advanced options, hence why it made this list of the best Shopify reviews apps.

Like others, KudoBuzz will automatically email your customers in an attempt to secure product reviews. You can then display your reviews on each product’s page as well as a dedicated reviews page or widget.

Your review data is passed to Google via rich snippets, which can help improve your e-commerce SEO and also improve your click-through rates in the organic search results.

The reviews are interactive, allowing other customers and shoppers to comment on them. This type of engagement and interaction can create user-generated content that helps drive more sales for your store.

One of the nice features of this product reviews app is its up-sell tool. This allows you to send out rewards to those that leave a review. These can be discount codes or special offers you deem appropriate. It’s a nice way of saying thanks, while also giving incentive for the customer to come back to your store and make another purchase.

There are multiple paid options, and even at the highest plan-level, it’s very affordable. The $19.99/month plan also removes the KudoBuzz branding, helping to maintain a seamless on-brand look and feel.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews:

Free (Coffee)

  • Import Facebook Reviews
  • Automatic Review Request
  • Collect Product Reviews
  • 100 Orders per month
  • Import CSV Reviews
  • Review Display widgets

$12.99/month (Breakfast)

  • + Coffee Plan
  • 500 orders per month
  • Import Etsy, Amazon, Google Reviews
  • Review Commenting
  • Widget Localization
  • Social Sharing
  • Basic SEO

$19.99/month (Lunch)

  • + Breakfast Plan
  • 1500 Orders per month
  • Automatic Review Moderation
  • Advance SEO
  • Remove Kudobuzz Branding

6. Editorify ‑ Product Reviews

Editorify ‑ Product Reviews Shopify app review

Editorify is a great app for stores that sell across several platforms in addition to Shopify. You can import your reviews from all of your platforms, and display them all in one spot — your Shopify store.

Some of the platforms you can pull your reviews from include Aliexpress, Alibaba, Etsy, Dhgate, Taobao, 1688, Wish, Banggood, Gearbest, Walmart, Overstock, Sears, Chinabrands, Lightinthebox, Gearbest, Costco, and Sammydress.

This product reviews app is a great tool to use the correct way. What you don’t want to do, however, is import random reviews from other listings, or those from a supplier or manufacturer. You need to make sure you are only importing reviews from your other sales channels.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Editorify ‑ Product Reviews:


  • Import 25 Product Reviews from Aliexpress
  • Import 3 Reviews max per product

$9.95/month (Premium Plan)

  • Import Reviews from Aliexpress, Etsy, Dhgate & More
  • Import Videos from Youtube, Vimeo
  • Integration with Oberlo, Imporify, Dropified, DSers

$14.95/month (Gold Plan)

  • Unlimited Import Reviews from Aliexpress, Etsy, Dhgate, More
  • Unlimited Import Videos from Youtube, Aliexpress, Amazon
  • Unlimited Showcase pages

7. Loox – Photo Reviews

Loox - Photo Reviews Shopify app review

Loox is one of the best Shopify reviews apps in terms of creating visually appealing reviews that work well for social proof. The app is automated, like most, sending out emails to your customers to solicit product reviews. You can reward reviews with a discount and give additional incentives for reviews that include images.

It’s important that you do everything possible to build trust, and with so many e-commerce stores using fake reviews, having reviews that have images of your customers and the products that they purchased helps to legitimize your reviews.

When consumers see reviews that feature images it just helps to build a stronger level of trust. You can then create product review galleries and also share this UGC (user-generated content) across social media. This can provide you with an unlimited amount of UGC for your social media feeds.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Loox ‑ Photo Reviews:

$9.99/month (Basic)

  • 100 monthly review request emails
  • Offer discounts for photo reviews
  • Reviews, Ratings & Popup widgets
  • Inline SEO
  • Up to 500 processed orders

$29.99/month (Advanced)

  • 500 monthly review request emails
  • All Basic features
  • All Loox widgets
  • Recart & PushOwl integrations
  • Advanced customization

$59.99/month (Pro)

  • 1,500 monthly review request emails
  • All Advanced features
  • Full customization & branding
  • All Loox integrations
  • Facebook Tab
  • Google Shopping

$99.99/month (Unlimited)

2,000 review requests included in base price + $100 per additional 2,000 emails. Unlimited emails when you reach $499.99

  • Unlimited monthly review request emails
  • All Pro features
  • Onboarding call
  • Dedicated success manager

8. Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews

Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews Shopify app reviews

Ali Reviews is a drop shipping app for those sourcing products from AliExpress suppliers. It acts just like a regular Shopify product reviews app, allowing you to collect reviews on your store’s website and via email outreach.

In addition to that, and why it’s appealing to drop shippers that fulfill using AliExpress is its ability to import reviews from that platform as well as Oberlo. There is a one-click import feature available, making the process very simple.

There are also many filtering options available, allowing you to select what reviews are displayed — certain star ratings, only reviews with images, etc. You can also filter reviews based on specific content or words and phrases in the review.

While there isn’t a free plan option, there is a 14-day trial that allows you to test the app features before committing to a paid plan, which starts out at only $9.90/month.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews:

$9.90/month (Starter)

  • Import reviews from AliExpress
  • Email boost sales & request reviews
  • Happy customer page
  • Inline SEO & Review snippet
  • Bulk import with Oberlo

$19.90/month (Essential)

  • All Starter features
  • More product limitation
  • More emails/month
  • Reviews pop-up
  • CSV import
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Auto Update Reviews

$49.90/month (Premium)

  • All Essential features
  • Max product limitation
  • Max emails/month
  • Max popup view/month
  • Max import from CSV file
  • Auto Update Reviews daily

9. FREE Photo Reviews ‑ Enorm

FREE Photo Reviews ‑ Enorm Shopify app review

FREE Photo Reviews by Enorm made this list of the best Shopify reviews apps because it is packed with features and its price is hard to beat — free. It’s a product review app that is image-focused, but you aren’t limited to just one image per review like some apps. You can allow your customers to upload as many as four pictures per review.

Giving your customers the opportunity to upload multiple images helps you attract more UGC (user-generated content) that not only helps convert more sales on your store, but can also be repurposed and used across social media.

There are multiple display rules that can be used, with one of the most popular being the slider function. Taking your reviews up a notch and going above and beyond what most stores are doing can help make your brand stand out.

As a store owner, it’s important that you respond quickly to reviews — both positive and negative. You want to thank your customers for leaving a nice review and you want to address any unsatisfied customers right away. There is a notification setting that will alert you the second a new review is left. This is a great free Shopify product reviews app.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for FREE Photo Reviews ‑ Enorm:


10. Photo Reviews & Testimonials

Photo Reviews & Testimonials Shopify app review

Photo Reviews & Testimonials is a Shopify product reviews app with a free plan and several paid options with various additional features. This product reviews app allows you to display a reviews widget on your Shopify store and allow your customers to leave reviews directly from your store or via email.

One of the differentiating features of this reviews app is its testimonial features. You can easily collect and display customer testimonials the same way it collects and displays your standard product reviews. Customer testimonials are a great way to help build trust, and not all stores take advantage of this.

Photo reviews are becoming increasingly more popular and this app allows you to collect and display image reviews in a grid format or using a slider. There are plenty of customization options available to make your reviews match your Shopify theme and store’s look.

You can also easily import your store’s reviews from another platform, and one of the nice features of this Shopify product reviews app is its verified buyer tag that it displays on the reviews. This helps build trust, as your potential customers will see they come from genuine customers.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Photo Reviews & Testimonials:


  • Product Reviews
  • Up to 50 monthly orders
  • Reviews & Ratings Widget
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Show up to 10 Customer Testimonials

$9.99/month (Pro)

  • All the features in Free plan +
  • Up to 200 monthly orders
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Show up to 50 Testimonials
  • Export/Import Reviews

$19.99/month (Plus)

  • All the features in Pro plan +
  • Up to 500 monthly orders
  • Question & Answers
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Show up to 100 Testimonials

$49.99/month (Growth)

  • All features in Plus plan +
  • Up to 1000 monthly orders
  • Reply to reviews
  • Detailed Translations
  • Q & A
  • Check pricing page for details

11. Rivyo Product Review

Rivyo Product Review Shopify app review

Rivyo Product Review is one of the best Shopify reviews apps because of its features and the price point for its paid option. At only $5.99 for the Advance Plan, this is something that is affordable for e-commerce stores of all sizes — even those just starting out.

One of the nice features of Rivyo Product Reviews is its email automation. Not only will it automatically send out emails to your customers asking for a review, but you can see the results of the email efforts — such as what emails were opened and what ones received clicks.

The app also has a nice feature built-in that allows customer to ask pre-sale questions about your store’s products. There are several pre-made email templates available that you can customize to match your branding.

Using the widget feature, you can easily display your product reviews anywhere on your Shopify store. This allows you to place them close to CTAs or anywhere else you want to emphasize trust.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Rivyo Product Review:


  • Unlimited Product Reviews
  • Import/Export Review
  • Manual Feedback Email
  • SEO Snippet
  • Social Sharing Review
  • Live Support

$5.99/month (Advance Plan)

  • Everything in Free Plan +:
  • Photo Review
  • Q&A
  • All Review Page
  • Amazon/Aliexpress Review Import
  • Automatic Review Requests
  • Reports/Dashboard

12. MyReviewfy ‑ Product Reviews

MyReviewfy ‑ Product Reviews Shopify app review

MyReviewfy is a product reviews Shopify app with a lot of features, and while there isn’t a plan that is free forever, there is a 7-day free trial available. One of the nice things about the highest level plan — the $9.99/month Enterprise option — is that it’s unlimited. Some product reviews apps will charge more based on how many reviews you collect or home many emails are sent.

With MyReviewfy, you never have to worry about being billed more than the $9.99/month. This is attractive to larger stores that are doing a lot of sales volume and dispatching thousands of emails daily asking for reviews.

You can also collect reviews that include images with MyReviewfy as well as easily import reviews from other platforms and providers. This customer reviews app also makes it simple to share your reviews across your social media profiles. The reviews you collect via this app will also display in Google’s search results, contributing to good SEO.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for MyReviewfy ‑ Product Reviews:

$3.99/month (Standard)

  • 200 AliExpress Reviews import
  • 300 monthly Email Review Requests
  • SEO
  • Social Share
  • Review email notification

$5.99/month (Professional)

  • 1000 AliExpress Reviews Import
  • 1000 monthly review request emails
  • All Reviews page
  • Display Rate List
  • Import old reviews
  • All Standard Features

$9.99/month (Enterprise)

  • Unlimited AliExpress Reviews Import
  • Unlimited monthly review request emails
  • All Standard and Professional Features

Best Shopify Reviews Apps

You know that adding one of the best Shopify reviews apps is a must-do for any e-commerce store. All of the apps listed above are great choices and well worth checking out. They can help build consumer trust on your store’s website and they can also help your SEO by displaying your review counts and average star rating in the search engine results pages.

When it comes down to it, product reviews can help you convert more sales and revenue, which leads to more growth for your e-commerce business.

If you are serious about improving your store and increasing your conversion rates you should consider installing one of these recommended Shopify reviews apps.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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