Identifying the best Shopify shipping apps and finding one that fits your specific needs is one of the final steps before starting a new e-commerce store. You have your product, branding, and marketing lined up — now you just have to be able to put it into the hands of your customers.

Shipping is one thing that many brands don’t put a lot of focus on, and this can prove to be costly down the line. Consumers are very sensitive when it comes to shipping — the wrong options can kill a sale and it’s those shipping options customers come in contact with when checking out that causes a large percentage of cart abandonment.

From delivery times, cost, shipping options available — they all come into play. There are plenty of options available. One look in Shopify’s app store will return more than 1,300 results for “shipping” as the search term.

All claim to be the best Shopify shipping apps, but it’s important that you take the time to find the best option for your store, specifically. To help you, we have put together a list of the best Shopify shipping apps and highlighted their key features as well as pricing information.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps: What to Consider

There are several apps you will want to install when starting a Shopify store. Along with looking at the best Shopify shipping apps, you will want to look at SEO apps, affiliate apps, reviews apps, and loyalty program apps.

But, your shipping app is a necessity before you launch — and there are some things you have to consider when looking at the options below. An app should benefit your business and make the shipping process simple. You want the best rates and the best service.

Remember, quick shipping times combined with keeping your customers informed during the whole process from the time it leaves your warehouse fulfillment center to the time it reaches their doorstep is key to keeping them happy.

Understand What Your Specific Shipping Needs Are

When you are looking for the best Shopify shipping apps you need to know what it is that your are specifically looking for. Come up with a list of the features you need a shipping app to have that will work best for your business.

From integrations available to create a seamless shipping process to the notifications and tacking available — this is important. Also, look at how the shipping app charges you — it is per transaction? A flat fee with no cap on volume? Again, you need to know what will be the best and most cost-effective shipping solution for your business based on its volume and needs.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps: Can They Reduce Your Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs are important. Even the slightest savings on shipping can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But, you have to look beyond just the actual cost of shipping each package.

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Consider the automation tasks and how an app can potentially eliminate other steps you are currently doing. Look at the whole picture and not just the monthly price of an app. A free Shopify shipping app might not have a monthly fee, but it will require a lot of manual work and at scale this will cost much more than the cost of a paid app that will automate everything.

When you find an app that will cut your actual shipping costs and automate the entire process while providing your customers with real-time shipping updates — that is when you win. Reduced shipping costs and improved customer service is a great combination.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps: Read the Reviews

When looking for the best Shopify shipping apps make sure you take a minute to read the reviews for each one that shows initial potential. Reading feedback from actual users is a great way to get a feel for whether or not a particular app is worth exploring further.

In all of the suggested shipping apps for Shopify listed below we have included a link to their listing on Shopify’s app directory. If an app is of interest, click-through to the app directory and read its reviews.

This list below of the best Shopify shipping apps should make it easier to find the best solution for your online store.

1. ShipStation

ShipStation Shopify app review

ShipStation is often regarded as one of the best Shopify shipping apps, as it makes everything very simple to manage. If you sell on the Shopify platform this is more than likely going to be the shipping app that will be the best choice.

Order management is a breeze with ShipStation and you can also unlock special rates at the major providers, such as FedEx, UPS, and the USPS. For U.S. based Shopify stores, you can’t go wrong using ShipStation. You can seamlessly connect to more than thirty different carriers.

Another great feature of ShipStation is its ability to allow you to manage all orders on a single platform. This is great for e-commerce stores that also sell beyond just their Shopify storefront. You can still manage it all on ShipStation.

The automation abilities of ShipStation also put it in a class by itself. In the end this can save you a considerable amount of time, eliminating a lot of manual tasks.

You can also brand everything — from adding your logo to the shipping labels and order tracking page, to your notification emails and packing slips — you have complete control to keep it all on-brand.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for ShipStation:

$9/month (Starter Plan)

  • 50 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels (unlimited stores)
  • 1 User
  • Branded Labels & Packing Slips
  • Email & Community Forum Support

$29/month (Bronze Plan)

  • 500 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels (unlimited stores)
  • 1 User
  • Branded Labels & Packing Slips
  • Email & Community Forum Support

$69/month (Gold Plan)

  • 3,000 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels
  • 3 Users
  • Customized Packing Slips & Branded Labels
  • Live Chat, Email & Community Forum Support

$159/month (Enterprise Plan)

Check out our pricing page for additional plan options!

  • 10,000 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels
  • 10 Users
  • Customized Packing Slips
  • Live Chat, Phone Support, Email & Community Forum Support

2. Order Printer

Order Printer Shopify app review

Shopify’s Order Printer app is the best free shipping app for Shopify. It integrates flawlessly, as it is developed and maintained by Shopify for its platform.

You can easily print shipping labels and packing slips and manage all of your store’s orders. One-by-one or bulk order processing is available. It’s a great bare bones app that gets the jobs done, but there are very few added features beyond just printing labels.

Notification templates, for example, require custom HTML. There isn’t an easy editor or customizing options as other apps have. But, it’s a free shipping app that can help get your store off the ground.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Order Printer:


3. Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules Shopify app review

Advanced Shipping Rules will have you up and running quickly, and this is a Shopify shipping app that was designed for this platform only. It offers full control over rules and settings, giving you the ability to easily create a shipping system for the needs of your store.

This is a better choice for stores with a lot of volume and that need more advanced features and options. It might be a little more than a brand new tore needs, but if you want to start a store with the best settings off the bat, Advanced Shipping Rules is a solid app choice.

You can attach variables and conditions to all of your shipping rates, and apply these to specific products or product groups. Everything imaginable is customizable. Example: You can set the shipping rate to drop to “free” when the cart value exceeds a certain amount.

Pricing is based on how many different product groups you have. The highest plan offers unlimited product groups, which is ideal for large stores.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Advanced Shipping Rules:

$9/month (Lite)

  • Up to 2 Product Groups
  • 1 Blended Rate
  • *No Hide/Show Rules*
  • Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode
  • 7-Day Free Trial in Live Mode

$29/month (Standard)

  • Up to 5 Product Groups
  • 2 Blended Rates
  • Blending Rules
  • Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode
  • 7-Day Free Trial in Live Mode

$59/month (Pro)

  • Up to 20 Product Groups
  • 3 Blended Rates
  • Blending Rules
  • Postal Code Subzones
  • Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode
  • 7-Day Free Trial in Live Mode

$99/month (Unlimited)

  • Unlimited Product Groups
  • Unlimited Blended Rates
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Trial in Test Mode
  • 7-Day Trial in Live Mode

4. EzySlips

EzySlips allows you to ship all of your store’s orders with little effort, as it’s a Shopify shipping app that focuses on automating the entire backend of your shipping.

When you are able to automatically send out tracking number and links to your customers along with invoices and receipts, while syncing with your Shopify store, it saves you time.

If the carrier updates anything related to the delivery your customers will receive the notice from your store without you having to do anything. There is also a nice returns and exchange options, which can be used rather than finding another app to handle that. It’s a nice additional feature that doesn’t come with all shipping apps.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for EzySlips:

Free to install

Plans start from $12

5. Postcode Shipping

Postcode Shipping Shopify app review

Postcode Shipping for Shopify is an app for a specific shipping feature, and that is the need to control your shipping costs in certain postal codes. This allows you provide different rates according to the customer’s postal code.

This isn’t a traditional shipping app, but some stores require this feature depending on what they are selling. Not every e-commerce store can use flat-rate or has a product that costs the same to ship — so this is a great app if you require different rates.

You can set the rate to increase or decrease based on the postal code, and if there is an order from an area that isn’t defined you can set wildcard values to be used.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Postcode Shipping:


6. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy Shopify app review

ShippingEasy is what many consider to be one of the best Shopify shipping apps because of its price — it’s free. Also, it has a lot of features that you can take advantage with the free plan.

The free plan even gets you access to discounted USPS shipping rates, which is something that not many free options include. But, for those that ship a high volume of orders, it’s worth looking into upgrading to a paid plan to gain access to commercial rates.

USPS Commercial Rates are typically for companies that ship in excess of 50,000 packages annually. Regardless of your volume, you can get these rates on any paid plan. Also, this app automatically updates your backend with details directly from the carrier. It’s a fully automated shipping solution for Shopify stores.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for ShippingEasy:


7. Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Shopify app review

Pirate Ship is the best Shopify shipping app if you are looking to access the lowest possible shipping rates from the USPS — for free. Yes, that is correct — Pirate Ship is a free app.

Installing this app gets the lowest rates available, which are USPS Commercial Rates, without having to send the volume typically required to secure this rate on your own.

Other shipping apps claim to offer the lowest rates, but there is usually some markup involved. That isn’t the case with Pirate Ship. There are no hidden charges and no fees to get access to the best rates.

This app integrates with your entire store, updates orders, and automatically sends tracking information to your customers. It’s one of the best Shopify shipping apps for those looking for a no-cost option with basic features and access to low USPS rates.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Pirate Ship:

Free to install

Just pay the lowest USPS® rates as you go, there’s no monthly fees or hidden costs!

8. Parcelify

Parcelify Shopify app review

Parcelify gives you the ability to customize your shipping rates and control what your customers see during checkout. There are standard options to assign free shipping to some products, or use flat rate shipping for some, and then weight-based rates for other products.

You have full control over everything, and this is a good shipping app for drop shippers, as you can assign per item pricing for specific suppliers, such as Printfuly, Oberlo, etc. Your store sends Parcelify the details during checkout and the app returns rates according to the conditions you defined in the settings.

All pricing rules and conditions can be set by you, covering every situation imaginable to ensure you get the best rates and are able to pass those savings down to your customers.

Having competitive rates and fast delivery times is important to help reduce shopping cart abandonment. Parcelify offers a free 14-day trial so you can test up the app’s functionality before committing.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Parcelify:

$12.99/month (Basic Plan)

  • 14-day free trial
  • Group products using your Tags and Collections
  • Postal code filters
  • Unlimited custom rates
  • Unlimited rate lookups

9. Sendcloud

Sendcloud Shopify app review

Sendcloud is a great Shopify shipping app, as it’s trusted by more than 15,000 e-commerce stores. It integrates with all of the major shipping carriers and automates the entire process — sending branded email updates, tracking numbers that take the customer to a branded tracking page, and also offers a return and exchange portal.

For stores that need to offer multiple shipping options in terms of speed and price, this app allows you to accomplish that. Sometimes not offering enough options will push potential customers away and prevent them from converting.

Sendcloud helps you automate your fulfillment and shipping by giving you the ability to set custom automation rules that best fit your business. You can also schedule pickups and drop-offs directly within the app.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Sendcloud:

Free (Essential)

  • Use our pre-negotiated shipping rates
  • Service points in your checkout
  • Branded return portal

$45/month (Small Shop)

  • Add your own carrier contract
  • Branded track & trace page
  • Schedule pick-ups with carriers

$99/month (Large Shop)

  • Widgets on track & trace page
  • Dedicated CS agent
  • Unlimited shipping rules

$199/month (Business)

  • Pack & Go picking solution
  • Remove SendCloud watermark
  • Dedicated account manager

10. Shippo

Shippo Shopify app review

Shippo is a low-cost option that is essentially a pay-as-you go option. This can help brand new e-commerce stores save money in the beginning stages when order volume is low.

This Shopify shipping app is free to install and you pay 5 cents per shipping label. You also get access to some deep shipping discounts. Save up to 75 percent off DHL Express, up to 55 percent off UPS, up to 29 percent off FedEx, and up to 90 percent off USPS.

Overall, Shippo connects with more than 50 different carriers from all around the world. Everything about the shipping experience can be branded to match your store. Tracking pages, email notifications, labels, and packing slips can all include your logo and brand colors.

This is also a great shipping app for those that also sell on other sales channels like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. Shippo imports these orders and allows you to fulfill everything from within your Shopify store. Bulk printing allows you to print labels in groups of 100.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Shippo:

Free to install

$0.05 per label

11. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus Shopify app review

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus will help you reduce your abandoned shopping cart rate. By showing your customers the actual shipping cost in the cart they become confident about the purchase knowing there aren’t going to be any surprise charges when they complete the checkout process.

How important is this? According to the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Survey, “44% of shoppers abandoned a cart because they wanted to get an idea of total costs (including shipping) to compare before buying”.

When why they abandon shopping carts, 34% said the shipping costs were shown too late during the checkout process. The Shipping Rates Calculator Plus app uses your customers’ IP addresses to automatically display the different real-time rates for them.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Shipping Rates Calculator Plus:


  • Flat monthly rate. No hidden fees
  • Automatic geolocation
  • Swift, efficient, knowledgeable support

12. Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform Shopify app review

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform is a free Shopify shipping app to install, and then you are charged per label. The appeal of this app has to do with its access to lower rates than a store could secure on their own.

The Packlink PRO Shipping Platform shipping app claims that it can save its users up to 70 percent off their current rates. This is a big number. This app gives you access to 30 different carriers to use, allowing you to offer your customers the best rates according to their location.

You can create a custom workflow that meets your store’s exact needs. Having this kind of customization flexibility can really save you a lot of time, which then translates into saving more money. If your store ships a lot of international orders this is a solid app to look into.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Packlink PRO Shipping Platform:

Free to install

Charge for each shipping label purchased.

13. Easyship

Easyship Shopify app review

Easyship for Shopify is an international shipping app, and one that is considered one of the best Shopify shipping apps for stores with a larger number of international shipments.

It’s free to install and you are only billed for what you ship, in addition to fees and duties associated with international shipping. One of the biggest headaches when shipping to all corners of the world is trying to negotiate competitive shipping rates.

Easyship already has negotiated the best rates, allowing you to simply plug into their network and immediately access those rates. The app automatically displays real-time dynamic shipping rates to your customers according to the settings you configure according to the products and shipping destination.

This is a great app for stores new to shipping overseas, as it will automatically handle all import taxes, VAT, GST, and other required fees. Customs documentation is also handled. You literally just have to install the app and let it do its work. You can then ship to all corners of the world with confidence.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Easyship:

Free to install

Users simply pay for what they ship. Costs incurred are shipping fees & additional options such as insurance and duties.

14. Order Printer Templates

Order Printer Templates Shopify app review

Order Printer Templates isn’t a standalone shipping app, but it is a tool that works nicely with Shopify’s free shipping app, Order Printer, or the Order Printer Pro app. It helps you create professional-looking templates that match your store — packing slips, invoices, returns forms, etc.

It’s a flat-fee of just $29 per template and you can customize and test the layout before purchasing. This is a great low-cost way to give your e-commerce brand a professional appearance that matches your website to your invoices.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Order Printer Templates:

Free to install

Customize and test before purchase. $29 (one-time fee) per template. Additional templates get an automatic 50% discount.

15. PDF Invoice: Order Printer+

PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ for Shopify is another template app to compliment your shipping needs, allowing you to create an unlimited amount of customized templates for your orders, invoices, shipping labels, refund, and exchange documents — all for free.

These documents can then be set to automatically be sent to your customers via email. It’s a simple and free way to enhance customer experience. Customers trust brands that have a professional look and pay attention to all of the small details.

Take the time to make all aspects of your online store professional. You can also set this app to automatically store copies of all sent documents in a Google Drive account, which can make your customer service department’s job easier.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for PDF Invoice: Order Printer+:


16. Better Shipping

Better Shipping Shopify app review

Better Shipping helps you have full control over your shipping rates, allowing you to calculate them any way deemed fit. When you have this ability you can create custom rules that are ideal for your specific products and the areas you ship your products to.

There is also the ability to adjust shipping rates based on product variants. If a product comes in different sizes and has different packages and weight, you can easily configure this to adjust automatically at checkout.

Pricing is flat-fee, and there is a free 7-day trial so you can make sure it has the features and capabilities you need to enhance your shipping and order fulfillment.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Better Shipping:


17. Route ‑ Shipping Protection

Route Shipping Protection Shopify app review

Route ‑ Shipping Protection doesn’t cost you anything to install it, and it allows you to offer your customers shipping insurance. This allows you to extend this to your customers and they get to secure insurance at a low rate.

In the event of a packed being damaged or stolen Route will cover the cost. As a store owner, this helps you avoid that cost, keeping more revenue in your pocket.

This is an app that can help instill consumer confidence, pushing more to convert knowing their purchase is insured. This app allows your customers to purchase insurance with one-click during the checkout process, and at no cost to you, is a nice value-add you can extend.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for Route ‑ Shipping Protection:


18. AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip Returns Center Shopify app review

AfterShip Returns Center isn’t your typical shipping app — but it’s something that helps your entire fulfillment and order management process. It will auto calculate the maximum refundable amount and you can either refund to the original payment method or issue a gift card credit if you are on the Shopify Plus platform.

Some stores will process a lot of returns and exchanges — it’s just the nature of some industries, like apparel, for example. This is where an app like AfterShip Returns Center can really help to create a pleasant user experience.

It also eliminates the hassles of managing returns manually, allowing it all to be done in one place. This keep your organized and your store running more efficiently.

Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for AfterShip Returns Center:

Free to install (Forever Free)

No extra return

  • 3 returns quota per month
  • Branded returns page
  • Returns management portal
  • Automated notifications
  • Customize returns settings
  • 24/7 Support

$9/month (Essential)

$0.5 per extra return

  • 20 returns quota per month
  • Branded returns page
  • Returns management portal
  • Automated notifications
  • Customize returns settings
  • 24/7 Support

$29/month (Growth)

$0.5 per extra return

  • 100 returns quota per month
  • Branded returns page
  • Returns management portal
  • Automated notifications
  • Customize returns settings
  • 24/7 Support

$99/month (Pro)

$0.5 per extra return

  • 400 returns quota per month
  • Branded returns page
  • Returns management portal
  • Automated notifications
  • Customize returns settings
  • 24/7 Support

Best Shopify Shipping Apps: Final Thoughts

This list of shipping apps for Shopify should give you a head start in your search for an e-commerce shipping solution that works best for your particular business.

Use the information above and compare it to your list of needs in order to narrow down your list of potential shipping apps. From there, read the reviews on the Shopify app directory and do your own in-depth research to help identify the best option.

Order fulfillment and shipping is a very important part of an e-commerce business, yet many store owners don’t make finding the best possible solution a priority. There are many options above that are in the running for the best Shopify shipping apps — there is sure to be one perfect for your business.

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