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    Yo Peeps, I'm Chad

    Lots of cool info about you, Chad. Welcome. BC is pretty cool!
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    Facebook Reach

    Thanks @Jonathan Long. I had a feeling that was the answer. Just was hoping to throw it out there and see if anything had changed. I've definitely been more active on Instagram lately to market there and work other avenues for sure. Unfortunately FB isn't what it used to be.
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    Facebook Reach

    Since FB is where I get most of my online clients, I figured I'd ask if any of you have found any good info on the "reach" of your posts. Ever since they changed the algorithms (very small business unfriendly) it's just nowhere close to what it used to be. I run 2 business pages, one with...
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    Owner/founder/creative director of smallnormous

    Hey Jennifer! Very cool looking site & business you have. Love it!