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Feb 21, 2018
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Miami, FL
Welcome to Hustler Alliance!

Like most online communities, you must register to post in our community. It’s a very simple process that just takes a few minutes.

The goal is to create a value-packed online community for entrepreneurs all over the world.

When selecting a username, I suggest that you use your real name.

For avatars, we use Gravatar. If you don’t have an account, you can easily set one up HERE.

Our community is FREE, but for those looking for a bit more, we do offer an upgrade that removes ads, allows you to place a signature at the bottom of your posts, private message other members, upload media to your posts and access private forums.

Let’s jump into the rules…ignore them and you will be removed and banned. It’s that simple.

Absolutely ZERO MLM Promotion or Discussion

This is an online community for entrepreneurs to talk about real businesses. Not MLM. No members here want to hear about the latest and greatest (lol) bullshit MLM program. If MLM is your thing, this is definitely not the right community for you.

Absolutely ZERO “Make Money Online” Bullshit Talk

Yeah, I know. I see the Facebook ads everyday. Pay the guru $97 and he or she will give you access to their money making secrets. Making money by telling people how to make money, when they really don’t know how to make money. Amazing. Don’t bring that fake-ass entrepreneur bullshit around here.

Absolutely NO Discussion about Politics or Religion

Those discussions typically spiral out of control, and we do not want that here. These types of posts will result in warnings and eventually bans, if continued.

No Trolling

Don’t come here if your joy comes from trolling. It creates a toxic environment and it will not be tolerated. If trolling is your game, get out of your mom’s basement, go outside and get seem fresh air. This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with someone or offer constructive criticism. However, straight up trolling has no place here.

Go Easy on the Self Promotion/NO Spamming

Sure, everyone has something to sell, but that doesn’t mean you need to constantly tell everyone or jump in every thread spamming your product or service. Provide value around here and it will accomplish the same thing without being annoying. Upgraded members are allowed to have a signature that is displayed at the end of each post, which can be promotional. It puts your offer out there in a non-annoying manner.

Be Respectful & Professional

I don’t know what else needs to be said here. If you are disrespectful in any way, you will get tossed quickly. Be professional and treat every member with respect.

No Investment, Lending or Partnership Solicitation

This isn’t the place to come looking for an investor or money. It also isn’t the place to come looking for business partners. Now, if you are an active member and participate correctly, relationships will form naturally and ideas and partnerships can form that way. That is exactly why this community exists.

No Posting Phone Numbers or Email Addresses

Just don’t do it. Asking members to email or call you will get you banned. All communication is kept within the community to protect our members as much as possible.

Enjoy your time here.
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