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Good morning/afternoon, y'all. I am Doug Trovinger, a solopreneur with a business that specializes in creative and concierge document management solutions for clients big and small as well as creating content in numerous ways. One of the main verticals that I have is resume revamps. This service basically guts a resume down to the core and then brings it back up fresh and polished along with a LinkedIn profile refresh. Many of the other services offered focus around these document management and/or content creation. I encourage y'all to take review the company's website ( and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well.

The company is based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (just outside of the Honky Tonks of Nashville) and am hoping to gain additional connections and warm introductions to help keep this thing growing and surviving. I'm coming up on the 6-month mark here at the end of the week so hoping for many more months of prosperity. In the future, I would love to potentially do a franchise system with the core concepts but that is a little ways to go yet as I need to continue to grow the business in the interim first.

Thanks, and please feel free to connect and collaborate.

Doug Trovinger
Founder/CEO - Document Doctors, LLC